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I am here to tell you that sleepless nights are not “just a part of parenting."
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Hello sleepy parents!

My name is Ashley. I was born and raised in the Rochester, NY area. I have a smart and sassy 5 year old daughter who keeps me very busy! I know firsthand how hard parenting can be. Being sleep deprived should not be something you or your baby have to experience. I understand that all children are different and will customize a plan based on your parenting style and your baby's temperament. I would love to help you on your sleep training journey!

I have a degree in Early Childhood development and am a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I have worked in the childcare field for over 10 years, working as a nanny, in daycare and ran an at home daycare for a while. I always knew I wanted a career working with babies. I am so glad I found a great program to get certified to become a pediatric sleep consultant. I love helping families get more sleep!


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