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What is sleep consulting?
I am here to help you and your family get more sleep! You will fill out an intake form telling me about your child's sleep troubles and I will create a customized plan for you to follow based on your baby's temperament and your parenting style. I will support you through sleep training for either 1-2 weeks depending on the package you choose.
How do I know if sleep training is right for me?
If you are tired of sleepless nights, ready to implement a plan and be consistent sleep training is a great choice for you!
Some signs that your baby may need sleep training:
  • Your baby is unable to go to sleep without you rocking, feeding or using any other sleep prop.
  • Frequent night wakings
  • Fighting bedtime
  • Early morning wake time
  • Taking short naps
  • Your baby is overtired often and not getting enough sleep

Will my baby be left to cry?

At no point in any of my sleep training methods will your baby be left to cry it out until they go to sleep. Your baby will be checked on and never left alone all night to cry. Realistically, some tears will be shed in the process of sleep training. Crying is a baby’s only way of communication. Your baby will be upset that you are changing their routine.


What are my next steps?

  1. Look over                      page to see what package would best fit your family's needs. If you do not see a package that fits your needs or have any questions on the packages feel free to contact me before selecting one.

  2. Once the package has been selected and I have received your payment I will email you a contract and intake form where you will fill out some background information about your child, their sleep habits, and your parenting style.

  3. Once I receive the intake form I will get started on your sleep plan and send it to you within 2 days. I will also send resources and other information to guide you.

  4. Based on the package you choose you will either have 1 or 2 weeks of unlimited email support (during business hours).

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