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Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine every night sets the stage for sleep. It serves as a cue it's time to go to sleep for your baby. Keeping the routine around the same time every night will help set your baby's internal clock. This can be especially helpful for newborns who confuse their days and nights at first. The routine should be simple and consistent. Make sure at the end of the routine your baby is still awake and you are not putting them down already asleep. This will be the key to having an independent sleeper and not relying on sleep props to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep. Of course your baby will fall asleep using some sort of sleep prop every once in a while and that is okay! Just make sure it doesn't become a habit and by 3 months you are always putting them down awake if possible. Practice putting your newborn down awake as much as they allow.

Tips for a solid bedtime routine:

  • Keep it consistent at the same time every night- no later than 8 pm to avoid an over tired baby (9 pm for newborns if they won't go down earlier)

  • Keep the same routine every night in your baby's room (baths being the only thing that might change)

  • Keep it simple lasting only 20-30 minutes. Something as simple as feeding, changing into pajamas and sleep sac and turning on a white noise machine.

  • Feed your baby at the beginning of the routine instead of at the end to prevent them from associating feeding with falling asleep

  • At the end of the routine but your baby down awake so they learn how to go to sleep independently

If you struggle with bedtime and would like some help feel free to reach out to me!

Happy Sleeping 😴

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