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Daylight Savings- Spring Forward

Spring is finally almost here! The dreaded time change doesn't have to cause panic.

Here are some tips to help transition your little one to the time change smoothy:

  • The week before the clocks go back shift your baby's entire schedule (naps and bedtime) 10 minutes earlier each day.

  • For example if bedtime is usually 8pm- on day 1 bedtime will be at 7:50pm, day 2 it will be at 7:40pm, and so forth until you have reached 7pm.

  • By the end of the week when the clocks go forward, your baby will be adjusted to the new time! It's that simple. The gradual change over a week will help adjust their internal clock and will prevent them from waking up an hour later than usual.

  • Continue to follow your current bedtime routine as this serves as a sleepy cue for your baby. I highly suggest getting blackout curtains to help block out light at bedtime and during naps.

If your baby is an early riser and you want their schedule to be an hour later then you don't need to make any changes! Just make sure you shift the entire schedule an hour later- naps as well as bedtime.

Happy sleeping and happy Spring!

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