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Wake times and schedules

Let's talk wake times!

A wake time is how long your baby is awake between sleeps. Wake times play a critical role in your baby's sleep. If your baby is awake for too long, they can become overtired and fight sleep. If they have not been awake long enough, they may fight sleep because their sleep pressure is not high enough. Wake times are very helpful for babies under 4 months as they are typically not on a schedule yet. Once your baby is ready for a set schedule- use wake times based on their age (and what works for your baby) to make the schedule. If you would like a free wake time chart please send me a message! This guide comes with all sleep packages as well. It includes age by age recommendations on wake time lengths, how many naps, how much daytime sleep and how much total sleep most babies need from 1 month-3 years.

How important is a schedule for your baby's sleep?

Using wake times and eventually creating a set schedule help your baby develop their internal clock. This will help their bodies know when it is time to sleep for naps and nighttime. Babies thrive on routine and will do best when they know what to expect. If they nap and go to bed at the same times every day, they will recognize it's time to go to sleep and be more likely to. Don't worry if their schedule gets thrown off every now and then- most babies that are used to a certain schedule are able to get back on track pretty quickly. If you are having trouble finding a schedule that works for your baby please reach out and I will try to find one that works based on their age and needs!

Happy Sleeping!

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