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What happens to sleep when my baby gets sick?

With the flu/cold season upon us your baby is most likely going to get sick at some point. Some of you may be wondering what this means for sleep. If your baby is sleep trained already don't worry they will get back on track after they are better. If you are thinking about starting sleep training wait until your baby is 100% better.

Tips to follow when your baby is sick:

1. Try to stick to your normal routine for bedtime and naps as best you can. If your baby usually goes to sleep on their own and they don't want to while they are sick that is okay. Give them some extra love and rock them to sleep if they need it. Just make sure it doesn't become a habit after they are better and you are putting them down awake once again.

2. Resist the temptation to bring them into your bed. I know it might seem comforting at the time but it will not be an easy habit to break (as well as it not being advised for safe sleeping). If your baby is waking up a lot and you want to be near them sleep in their room if you feel the need to.

3. Allow your baby to sleep as much as they want while they are sick. Let them take longer naps and go to bed earlier if they need to. They will get back to their normal schedule once they are feeling better.

4. Talk to your pediatrician about what to give your baby to make them more comfortable while they are sick. Also offer more feedings to keep them hydrated. If they need to eat more during the night that is okay.

If you have already implemented a sleep training plan just go back to following it once they are feeling better. If you have never sleep trained before and would like to start implementing a plan when they are feeling better visit my services page to see which package would be best for you!

I hope everyone's little ones are feeling better soon!

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